Property Management Done Right

Francis Rentals offers full premium property management service to its clients.  With our professionals and proven service record, you can raise the standard of property management. Our highly-trained team takes pride in providing realistic solutions to owners and investors in Windsor Ontario.

Let us help you maximize your investment by determining the best retnal price and finding you the perfect qualified tenant.

Our asset protection plan takes care of your investment and gives you peace of mind.  We take care of everything so you don’t have to including tenant conflict resolution.

The quality of tenants is the key to success in real estate investment, and it is why we insist on using a rigorous tenant screening system that effectively minimizes the risk of landing a bad tenant and keeping vacancy rates low.

Our maintenance program is crystal clear – nothing  hidden.  We do not make profit from maintenance, and thus making us very affordable.

Why Choose Us?


Our work process is based on years of experience, best practices, and 100% client satisfaction.

Our clients, both landlords and tenants have benefited from our service programs that are delivered with integrity, fairness and openess.

Landlords appreciate our crystal clear maintenance contracts, pricing and service delivery.

Tenants love our 24/7 hotline,  fast response service.

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you.

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