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A landlord or entrepreneur owning an investment property can face a lot of challenges in managing it. When it comes to renting out a residential property, only an owner or investor will know the ordeal he/she faces. No one likes their everyday lives disrupted by attending tenant calls, following up for rent, or performing inspections and maintenance checks. The worst-case scenario is dealing with a dishonest tenant who doesn’t pay up. There are many factors that arise out of property management like finding qualified tenants, negotiating the lease agreement, solving legal issues, maintaining the property, and dealing with evictions.


A company that offers property management and leasing services can be a huge asset to owners and investors of residential properties, as they bring in the knowledge and experience to handle complex issues. Only a property manager makes the process simple and easy by taking on day-to-day tasks that the owner finds cumbersome or doesn’t find time to do. The owner or investor can simplify their life, by saving time, effort and money on managing difficult issues like lease negotiations, inspections, rent collection, maintenance, lease terminations, evictions, and vacancy cycles.

However, it is not an easy task to find an honest and qualified property manager. Property owners often get frustrated with ordinary services being provided like finding the wrong tenants, charging unreasonable maintenance costs, high vacancy rate, improper communication with tenants, and no clear explanation of what is going on with the property. To leave such issues to professionals, hire a property manager from Francis Rentals. We are one of the best property management companies in Toronto that offers premium leasing and property management in Toronto.

Why Choose Francis Rentals?

At Francis Rentals, our objective is to keep the client’s best interests in mind and provide quality rental management services with integrity and professionalism. We understand that every client has individual needs. Our primary goal is to take the burden of property management away from owners and investors and ensure an increase of property value at affordable costs. We ensure that our clients get the best return on their investment while enjoying their peace of mind every day knowing that their properties are in safe hands.

Dedicated Property Manager Team

We assign a single point of contact for interactions and inquiries on service requests.

Rigorous Tenant Screening

We facilitate optimum tenant background checks to minimize risks and avoid any surprises.

Property Upkeep

We provide top-notch maintenance services to ensure the rental property is in pristine condition.

Seamless Documentation and Execution

We are expert in lease negotiations, drafting agreements, verifications, and approvals with thorough professionalism.

Systematic Inspections and Timely Rental Collection

We facilitate thorough screening for applicants that match the owner’s perception of a “right” tenant who would pay rents on time and will also respond to emergencies and address tenant concerns.

Smooth Transition for Admission and Eviction

We provide detailed reports for every move in and move out to ensure a flawless transition between tenants and owners.

Rental Advisory

Our extensive knowledge of the prevailing rentals together with exhaustive data on the recent transactions helps you to determine the right rental for your property.

Results-Oriented Property Management in Toronto

Being one of the best property management companies in Toronto, we understand that trust has to be earned and not implied. We strive to align our services with your greatest interests as the property owner and a real estate investor.

Our Promise

We are one of the leading property management companies in Toronto that aim to streamline property ownership and increase returns of real estate assets through our expert management service.

We promise to:

  • Be an industry leader that demonstrates strong business values and ethics across the industry
  • Be fair, transparent, and honest
  • Offer the highest quality of property management in Toronto through our smart technology solutions and a service-oriented team

What Makes Us Different?

If the owner or investor is not interested in availing complete property management Toronto, Francis Rentals could also place a qualified tenant. Our professional team takes pride in providing premium leasing service for property owners in Toronto. We take responsibility in calling the tenant’s employers, previous landlords, and carry out credit checks, criminal checks and searches to confirm if the applicant has given accurate information.

Whether you are looking for property management services or need help with finding a qualified tenant, we can help. Call us at 1(866) 726-9508 to receive a property management quote or leasing consultation. To know more about us and our services, visit our corporate website at


We are very pleased with how Skylink is managing our rental properties in Windsor. They truly offer a worry free solution, at a very reasonable cost.


Skylink had found us great tenants who always pay on time, and maintain the property as if it was their own…


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