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Property Management Services in Windsor, Ontario

Francis Rentals (Skylink Property Management) offers premium property management and leasing services at a competitive rate in Windsor Ontario and its surrounding areas. Our rigorous tenant screening system, crystal clear in maintenance and ethical business practice sets us apart from competitors.

We specialize in residential property management in Windsor and over the years helped countless landlords, homeowners, and businesses in managing their property effectively.

Property owners are confronted with many problems when they want to rent out a residential space. They have to search for the right kind of tenants and worry about rent collection or maintenance for the property. This can be particularly hard for tenants also, if the place that they rented is not up to expectations or if any false information is given about the property, and the maintenance and rental charges. Francis Rentals is a value-driven company that is experienced in dealing with these issues as they act as a link and honest mediator between property owners and tenants.

Francis Rentals is a company that offers property management and leasing services in Windsor, Ontario. We particularly deal with residential property management.

Rental Property Management 


Francis Rentals oversees the maintenance of residential properties and conducts multiple checks to make sure that the property is in immaculate condition before leasing it out to a tenant. We provide accurate information about the property’s upkeep by furnishing details like photos and videos and all the contractor’s invoices to the client. All the information about the occupancy and maintenance is relayed to the property owner, and the property is not charged if it is vacant. Overseeing the maintenance of the properties is also taken care of, free of charge. Hiring a professional property manager from Francis Rental is the perfect choice for  property management services and property leasing services at affordable rates.

Premium Leasing Services


Finding a suitable tenant can be a tedious process for property owners. You need to know about the people and the locality. That’s where Francis Rentals comes in, to make sure that both clients and landlords benefit from their leasing services.  The company takes care of all the processes behind finding and screening a tenant. Every detail about the prospective tenant’s previous landlords, employers, and living situation are verified before a property is leased out. The tenant’s income proof and credit details are also checked to make sure that the person is financially stable.

Francis Rentals also has a very transparent billing system. Everything on the lease and contract is explained clearly to the clients. We also have a flexible contract agreement, where you can terminate your contract with us by giving a 2-month notice period. We also have an 8-month guarantee for new tenants and provide them with a 24/7 hotline with which they can voice out their needs and issues. The company’s aim is to offer property leasing services that can ease the mind of the owner and the tenant by handling all the legwork and giving them the best possible service.

If you are a property owner with queries regarding your  residential property, or if you are looking for rental properties, contact us at info@francisrentals.com . You can also call 1 (866) 726-9508 to book a consultation with us.

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Voted as one of the Top 3 property management companies in Windsor, ON.

Management Services

Francis Rentals (Skylink Property Management) offers full premium property management service to its clients.

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Premium Leasing Service

If you do not need full property management service, Francis Rentals (Skylink Property Management) could also place a qualified tenant for you.

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Benefits of Working With Us

  • Check on Employment

    We really call the applicants' employers to ensure tenants have the ability to pay

  • Check With Landlords

    We really call applicants' previous landlords to ensure you don't get any surprises

  • Credit Check

    We really do perform a full credit history check to ensure tenant's ability to pay

  • Full Background Check

    We really do perform a full background check on all applicants to ensure accuracy of provided information

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